Transitioning to Nova Gaians with Sanat Kumara

[ I channeled this in July 2022, but it seem pertinent and useful for the events of today.  – Rob ]

Rob: I invite Sanat Kumara to join me in my special place, to sit with me to just talk.

Raj, thank you for joining me. I know you’re rather busy. I don’t have anything in particular to talk about, any burning questions. There’s always the notion of what will happen next on Earth for us to transition to become Nova Gaians and how society will function on Nova Earth.

Sanat Kumara (Raj): Good afternoon, Rob. Thank you for asking me to join you.

I know your morning has been rather chaotic, and it’s hard to concentrate when there’s so much going on. (And the dog is now out there barking). But we shall persevere. This does help make the point, however, that it really doesn’t matter what is going on in your life. You can always connect to spirit, for you ARE spirit. It’s your natural connection to all of us. You actually have stepped down your capacities in order to live this life in physical reality, so connecting with spirit is simply a matter of ignoring what is in the physical and retuning your consciousness, your attention, to what is actually more natural for you — your connection to the spirit world.

It’s actually rather limiting to refer to it as the spirit world, for it’s not a single world. It is the collection of ALL things, ALL of creation. And I know it’s difficult to wrap your head around that, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

And, yes, you have talked recently about the images that are coming from the James Webb Space Telescope. Pretty phenomenal, is it not? Just one image from that telescope shows you the magnitude of what a universe is — the sheer number of galaxies, the number of stars within each one, the number of planets revolving around each of those stars! The scale IS mind-boggling, and yet at the same time, it’s very simple.

There are so many because there are so many of you wishing to create a piece of the universe, as a co-Creator of the universe. All are simply manifestations of the experiences you wish to have in a physical form. Also consider the reality that what this telescope is showing you are the reaches of a single universe, a single reality. But there is a multiverse. There are more than one. Now the scale and the implications become truly mind-boggling!

So what is it that you need to do to transition to being a Nova Gaian? Not much more than you’re already doing … or that you’ve already realized you should do more of. Connect to spirit more often through the breathing exercises as you’ve decided you need to do. Breathe in the love. Feel the joy. Breathe it out to all others. As more and more of you do the same, the transition to a reality anchored in the 5th Dimension will accelerate tremendously.

All you can do, however, is your part. Beam your light to all those around you in all circumstances. Pay attention to what causes you some amount of angst or fear or just uncomfortableness. Decide that is what you do NOT want and refocus the energy on what you DO want. In doing so, that desired eventuality will hasten to be.

It starts with each individual making a choice. You’ve already made the choice. Now it’s just a matter of implementing it and deciding how long you would like to take to get there. Yes, the timeline is based on the collective thoughts, desires. But all you can do is your part. Feel good about that. Be comfortable with that.

You, individually, and you, collectively, are doing magnificently. All is proceeding on the timeline as laid out by the Mother … and the Father. Our love and pride for you is unbounded and unending. Yes, you are our boots-on-the-ground, and we will never forget you and your service. We are supporting you always!

Again, carry on as you are. Folk are slow to awaken, but it will happen. It IS happening!

Rob: Thank you, Raj, for joining me. I should let you get back to running that INCREDIBLY large universe!

Raj: It’s not as complicated as you think, Rob. But thank you. Yes, there are a few galaxies to attend to. 😉 Thank you for inviting me today. I’ve enjoyed our chat. I hope you find it useful. Enjoy your day. Take care.

Rob: Thank you, Raj. Farewell.

Author: Rob Loveland

Council of Love (COL)-certified SpiritLife Coach, avid sailor, and retired federal government employee from Maryland