Conversations with the Company of Heaven – Part 7

Archangel Mikael (Truth)

[I am just learning to channel. As part of my learning practice, I chose to have conversations with particular members of the Company of Heaven. What follows are excerpts from these conversations with the portions which pertain only to removed. What remains are messages I believe are useful to all. Enjoy! — Rob]

Conversation with Archangel Mi-Ka-El (Michael), June 2022
AA Michael

Rob: In the New You jn the New Reality class, you mentioned and one of the students asked about your Blue Ray of Truth. Can you share more information about what the Blue Ray of Truth is and what it’s intended to do and to be?

AA Mikael: Good afternoon. Thank you for inviting me to talk. I greatly prefer to just have a conversation like this.

Yes, the Blue Ray of Truth. As you responded to the question — we all, that is all Archangels, have a particular ray as imbued to us by the Mother, for we serve the Mother. We each have our function. We are all close to the Mother, as the so-called Mighty Ones, but I feel particularly close in that my ray is blue, as is hers. Hers is a ray of hope and peace. The purpose of mine, however, is truth. This is also why I carry a shield and a sword. The purpose of the sword is to cut away that which is not true to reveal the truth underneath it all. Similarly, the Blue Shield is to block, as it were, untruths from creeping in to your consciousness. They’re all tied together in this way.

Why am I focused on the truth? All rays, all Archangels, have a purpose that supports the same underlying truth. We are all emanations of the Creator, what you may call God. But the Godhead is more complicated than you think. But for someone living in 4D, the 5th Dimension reality, the nature of the Godhead should not matter. It is enough to think of God as the Creator, which is embodied as the Mother-Father-One within the multiverse. That is enough of truth to understand at the moment.

And, yes, truth expands. Actually, truth IS. As your understanding of the truth will expand as you rise up through the different dimensions and have a higher and higher perspective of what reality really is, my Blue Flame of Truth is a constant guide on the journey. Therefore, at all points and all dimensions and all realities, my Blue Flame of Truth remains constant. But your understanding of what it is, what it illuminates, expands as you ascend.

So in the days that come and the days of what you are referring to as the revelations, disclosures, of what has been happening on the planet for millennia, I encourage you to rely on my Blue Flame the Truth to help you discern the true nature of what is unfolding, not with judgment, not from the perspective of telling others “I told you so,” or for feeling greater than others, but simply so you have a better perspective to comfort others through their time of confusion.

In the grand scheme, the time of disclosure and the chaos that ensues, the confusion that happens in the minds and the hearts of so many, will be very short lived. The plan for disclosure has been masterfully created, fully sanctioned by the Mother, in order to minimize the chaos. It’s impossible to eliminate all chaos. There will be an initial reaction [to a revealed truth], but as each truth comes out, the reaction time will be smaller and smaller, as people get used to the idea that what they’ve been told for so long is simply not true.

Your job is to help them understand what do they do next. And as you know, the answer is simple. Go within. Find your own truth. Teach them about the Blue Flame of Truth. Encourage them to feel my energy, to connect to it with their heart and with their minds, but mostly with their heart, and encourage them to FEEL for what IS truth. They will simply know. This is their connection to the Mother-Father-One.

It won’t be long now. I know you’re impatient. You are prepared. 

Rob: I’ve enjoyed our time together, so thank you, Mikael. Thank you for the strength that you offer me. I know you are behind me.

AA Mikael: It’s my pleasure. You (lightworkers) are our “boots on the ground,” and we are thrilled at the job you are doing. As was said before, we have chosen well, and we are so pleased.

Author: Rob Loveland

Council of Love (COL)-certified SpiritLife Coach, avid sailor, and retired federal government employee from Maryland