Conversations with the Company of Heaven – Part 8

Archangel Uriel (Lemuria and the Coming Changes)

[I am just learning to channel. As part of my learning practice, I chose to have conversations with particular members of the Company of Heaven. What follows are excerpts from these conversations with the portions which pertain only to removed. What remains are messages I believe are useful to all. Enjoy! — Rob

Conversation with Archangel Uriel, May 2022

Rob: I have a specific question about the nature of life on Lemuria. Was that, in fact, a civilization anchored in the fifth dimension, with the population far less anchored in physicality? What was it like living in a 5D, more spiritual, less physical, world?

AA Uriel: This is a difficult task! You are correct. You have lived all these things that you are asking about from all of your guides. So, all the knowledge is within you. You are one. But I will try to resurrect memories that you would not otherwise have recalled.

You’ve asked about Lemuria. It was a beautiful place. Life was serene, very simple. People did not want for much. The fall of Lemuria — we can call it a fall — was not all that dramatic. It was really a gradual transition to far more physical concerns. And at the time, Atlantis was rising. Fears started to creep in and gradually took over — the threat of invasion. There were some elements in Atlantis that were bent on creating Empire — Imperialistic.

And, yes, there were still extant on Lemuria animals that are now considered extinct. But the peoples of Lemuria lived in harmony so it wasn’t seen as a threat. Yes, there were dinosaurs — or what actually existed on the continent were the later forms that already transitioned to more mammal, but they were large beasts. And there were still some that could be a threat to physical humans. But, by and large, they lived in their world, humans lived in their own.

There were jungles; there were rolling hills of green. And, yes, the Lemurian people were seafarers, sailing on very large vessels, sailing vessels — canoe type. The movie, Moana, does a pretty good job of envisioning what they looked like. They were capable of carrying a dozen, two dozen, people safely and comfortably for long ocean voyages. Understand that people could travel all over the world without such vessels, etherically, but they chose the simple life. You understand the concept. You can travel on boats much faster than your sailboat, but you choose to sail. There is a thrill at being powered by the wind, by nature. They felt the same thrill.

Again, they lived far more in harmony with nature. They participated in daily spiritual practices, wearing crystals on necklaces, dangling above their High Heart.

And they had a great reverence for the sun, but that was because of the sun’s interaction with the crystals — to activate them, to create a field of energy that was greatly beneficial for their spiritual practices. You know full well that the ancients didn’t worship the sun, per se, but they recognized the sun was the life giving force — not just physical life, but spiritual as well. The sun does have consciousness, and they venerated that the sun’s service to life on Earth was as a giver of life, a sustainer of life.

So the life [i.e. the organized civilization] on Lemuria lasted 100,000 years. And while the people were far less physical than they are now, they chose to live within the physical world in harmony with nature.

It was a great learning experience for many, but as often happens on this planet, negative forces crept in. But now, with this Ascension to be anchored in fifth dimensional consciousness, you will return to that type of living. It may take quite a while yet for that reality to spread across the entire globe. But the promise of the future is that the way of life on Lemuria will eventually expand to the entire planet of Earth. What you think of as negative influences will not entirely disappear, but people will know how to deal with them constructively. There’s nothing wrong with the negative emotions. Allow them. Release them. Don’t attached to them. This you know.

Rob: Thank you, Uriel. Do you have any advice for us in the coming changes, the revelations that are now coming out on a regular basis … regarding our service to humanity?

AA Uriel: Yes, you’re doing wonderfully. In recent months you have achieved great clarity on how you must behave as the revelations come out. We are thrilled that we have chosen wisely in having you participate in form during this transition. You understand that the negative revelations … sorry, that the revelations of negative history and activity that has happened on this planet for eons … [are] necessary to be revealed, and you are learning every day how to watch those events dispassionately.

You’re staying out of the emotional fray, and you understand much of the activity that you see is a play, put on by actors who have an agenda. Some is positive, some is not. But you are doing well to stay out of it and allowing the events to unfold as they will. Carry on with that approach. That will serve you well. It will serve humanity well.

But in the days to come when the most serious revelations come, and they start coming faster and faster, and the speed at which they arrive feels overwhelming, causing confusion about what you should do next because there’s so much to focus on, call on us. We will soothe your mind. We will give you the clarity of what’s most important to focus on.

We have supreme confidence in your abilities. You’ve already proven that. Carry on, knowing your entire team of guides are all here to support you. Know that and carry on each day with that firm belief. You’ll be fine.

I hope what I’ve offered you today is some help towards the questions in your mind. Take care. With all our love, bye for now.

Rob: Thank you, Uriel. I am more than satisfied. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Author: Rob Loveland

Council of Love (COL)-certified SpiritLife Coach, avid sailor, and retired federal government employee from Maryland