Archangel Mikael on Living Truth

AA Michael

AA Mikael: I am Mikael, with my Blue Sword and my Blue Shield, here to talk about living truth.

I know you’re not a particular fan of the imagery of the Blue Sword it seems as an instrument of violence but that’s not its purpose at all. It is to cut away whatever does not serve, to achieve the clarity on what is truth, to clear the way so that the path is clear. All that Yeshua has expressed is truth, and you are all of you are living that truth, understanding who you are and ultimately why you are here.

You are the instruments on planet of the Living God! You are part and parcel of the Godhead. Step into that. Be that! Know that! And when you do, the light from that source, which is within you always, will shine forth. It cannot do otherwise! And all others around you, animate and inanimate, will see that light, will feel that light, and know they are in the presence of the Divine.

Stop being afraid to allow your light to shine. As Yeshua said when he was on planet, do not hide your light under a bushel. Let it flow!

Your task for this coming year is the same as your task has been every year, to step forward and shine! The only difference now is that the world is ready to receive. So step forward, knowing that we are behind you. Yeshua, all your guides, and the entirety of the Council of Love, we have you. We have your back.

It’s part of the Mother’s plan, so you cannot fail! Knowing that, what cause is there for fear? Step forward. This is a time of celebration, a time to have fun! The world, the reality as you know it, is changing after millennia of waiting for the right time. It is now! How can that not fill you with joy each and every day?! Yes, it still requires some patience, fortitude, but in the end, it’s ultimately a time of joy.

Go in that knowing. Be the Light; be the Love; be the Truth; just BE. Be YOU. That is enough and more than that, it is all!

I leave you with that. Take care, everyone. Farewell.

Archangel Jophiel on being a Guardian and Champion of Truth

I am Jophiel, the bringer of the future. There is so much angst in the world right now about what the future will bring. So much of it is unnecessary. The future will come exactly as it is meant to be.

Your role as the Guardians and Champions of Truth is to just BE. Be yourself. As Gabrielle has said previously, be that demonstration of Truth. If you do this, the future will take care of itself.

So much that you see is not of the Truth, but do not worry about it. Events are unfolding to encourage people to wake up to the truth that they are. That must first come by questioning what they see around them, which encourages them to go within and to seek answers from the only place that is meaningful. This is where they discover — or relearn — their spiritual selves. This is all they need. This is all anyone needs — the realization of who they are.

We are all One, and when people come to that understanding, conflict will disappear as people come to understand that holding any ill-will against another is really doing so to themselves. And as they understand the futility of that, then it will cease.

This is the hope of the future, and it WILL be. The Father and the Mother have willed it to be so, and it will be!

So go in peace with the understanding that all is well, because all is Love. You are deeply loved, and that will never change. Take care of yourselves. Farewell. 

We are One! … but what does that mean?!

The Law of Unification/Unity speaks to achieving Unity Consciousness, because we have all heard that “We are One!” But, what does that mean?!  How can I be one with, i.e. the same as, someone who is engaged in acts which I find reprehensible … or everyday objects like that rock over there … or that tree?  For a long time, that concept was hard for me to wrap my head around!  

The Council of Love, channeled by Linda Dillon, explains that this Universal Law “illustrates that in the center, in balance, where all are loved equally — there is no hierarchy, control, oppression. There is brotherhood, sisterhood, heart connection, community, global family, peace, Love, joy, harmony, and Oneness with all that we see.”  But, again, how can I be a brother or have a heart connection with someone or something with which I feel no overt connection?

Regardless of my initial confusion, this idea kept presenting itself to me.  One of the most common examples, at least among yoga practitioners and lightworkers, is the Hindu greeting “Namaste.”  It literally means, “I humbly bow to you”, but it is understood as an acknowledgement of the equality of all, and pays honor to the oneness, and therefore sacredness, of all.  My favorite translation of this gets to the deeper, intended meaning, which is “I honor the place in you where we are one.”

According to, other possible translations which speak to this same concept include:

    • The divine light in me bows to the divine light within you.
    • I honor the place in you where the entire universe dwells.
    • When you and I bow to our true nature, we are one.
    • I bow to the place in you that is love, light, and joy.
    • We are the same, we are one.
    • I honor the place in you that is the same as it is in me.

It’s clear that this idea of the oneness of all things has been around for a very long time, but it wasn’t an idea that naturally resonated with me.

So, what was it that convinced me of the truth that we are all one?  After years of spiritual study, I came upon a teaching that encapsulated the concept so completely, yet so simply, that I finally “got it.”  My Ah-ha moment came when I fully considered the very profound teaching from A Course in Miracles:

“Ideas of the spirit do not leave the mind that thinks them, nor can they conflict with each other.” [T-5.IV.3:5]

 This was reiterated later as:

“Ideas leave not their source, and their effects but seem to be apart from them.” [T-26.VII.4:7]

With this in mind, it finally dawned on me that I am an idea of God, that is I was created as an individualized soul because God had the idea that I should be so.  If that is true, and ideas leave not their source, then I exist (and always will) in the Mind of God.  And come to think of it, if one believes that God is the Creator of all in the universe, then that concept is also true of everything in the universe, animate or inanimate!  Therefore, EVERYTHING exists in the Mind of God and has some level of consciousness because God’s mind is always active!  This means we are part of God, we are divine, and we are all the same!  We ARE One … with God and with everything that God created!  How simple and straightforward is that?!

Once that epiphany sank in, I started to see hints of this truth in other, more familiar teachings.  For instance, Jesus hinted at the truth of this when he prayed for his disciples:

“I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message, that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you.” [John 11:20-21]

Coming to realize the truth of this is really why we are here. THIS is our grand learning experience, a point expressed perfectly by the Arcturian Group through Marilyn Raffaele on October 2, 2022:

“Separation is a dream that has hypnotized the people of earth for a very long time but increasingly more are ready to accept and live from a higher level of awareness.

“It is impossible for any form of life to be separate from God. How could anything exist outside of that which is omnipresent? Do you believe in an omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent God, or do you not? It is important to ask yourself this question.

“Attaining a consciousness of Oneness with God and all ITs expressions is the evolutionary journey that every individual is on and no one can avoid. As you go about your day, keep a little part of your awareness always knowing the reality of who and what you are and releasing any remaining concepts about ceremony, Sunday church, saints and gurus, or traditions as being necessary for God connection.”

So, with this new understanding, it’s so much easier to get behind the admonishment to “see God in everything,” but we could also just as easily see ourselves in everything, because all things are one in God.  How, then, can we not see the brotherhood, sisterhood, heart connection, community, global family, peace, Love, joy, harmony, and Oneness with all that we see?  Surely, this idea alone will affect every action we take and every thought we have about anything seemingly outside of us … because it’s not!

Namaste, everyone!  I honor the place in you where we are one!

Archangel Gabrielle: More on Joy

Rob: Gabrielle, thank you for sending the card of Joy again.  It was a good reminder for me. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed — lots of things to do. I just need to get about doing them. I still have some worries about the coming changes. Am I prepared enough? Do you have any advice to share?

AA Gabrielle: Thank you, Rob, for inviting me. It’s always a pleasure to talk to you. It’s always a pleasure to talk to anyone who chooses. This is my role as the Lily of Love, the Golden Trumpet. One of my primary roles is to be the communicator for the Throne of Heaven, so, again, it’s always my pleasure to welcome all to have such a conversation at any time of your choosing. I am always here. I’m always available.

And, Rob, please be at peace about the coming changes. They are a time of great excitement. All on this side of the very thin veil now are so excited about the events that are upcoming, and we understand that the base portions of you, the portions that are worried about survival, are concerned about the events. You need not be. And please don’t let the ego drive you to put pressure on yourself to do things that you’re not comfortable doing. Relax. You will be taken care of. The lilies of the field do not toil, and yet they stand in their beauty, bringing joy to all who witness.

As you know, Joy is a choice. Just allow yourself to feel the joy in all situations and to understand that all that is happening is for your greatest good and the greatest good of all. If you are moved to take a particular action, then, by all means, please do so. Please don’t feel obligated that you have to do this … or else! … as if the “else” was not being able to feel joy!

Joy has nothing to do (or very little to do) with what happens around you. Joy is an internal attitude. It’s something you can feel at all times and is closely associated with the feelings of love. You have learned the process to feel the love in your heart, breathe it up with the in breath, and breathe it out to all on the out breath. The same is true for Joy. As you feel the love, feel the Joy that accompanies that feeling. Love is inherently joyful. If you are feeling love in your heart, then the joy is present as well.

So do not worry about the future. The events that will transpire constitute what you came here to do. So be in joy that you are fulfilling your mission. How could it be any other way?

As many have said, it won’t be long now. And we understand that our concept of time and your concept of time may be two different things. We are basing our judgments of “soon” and “not long” based on the energy of the collective of humanity and whether you are ready for the events to transpire. You are moving closer and closer each and every day.

Perhaps today in the quiet time at work, you can practice the breathing exercise: breathe in the joy, hold it in your heart, and breathe it out to all that you see.

Again, you are free to call on me or anyone from the Company of Heaven at any time you choose. Take care, Rob. We love you.

Rob: Thank you, Gabi. I love you too.

El Morya on the Wisdom of Just BEing

Rob: I invite in El Morya. I pulled the card today on Wisdom. Perhaps you have something to tell me regarding that.

El Morya: Thank you, Rob, for inviting me today. It’s true, one of the themes of the day is to just BE. For those on planet Earth, this is a central aspect of the wisdom you need to learn. Actually, it’s not learning so much as realizing you already know this. If you could just get out of your way long enough to realize it.

And when we say just BE, that means to KNOW your connection with the Divine, with the Infinite. Connection is not something you need to develop. The connection is always there. Get out of the way and FEEL the connection. Know at the deepest core of your being that that connection is actually who you are.

Regarding the notion of “doing,” there’s nothing wrong with taking active steps as you are guided BY your connection to further the Mother’s plan. But just being here and realizing that connection is allowing you to influence all those around you, even those you don’t see, to understand their own connection.

Rob: Thank you, El Morya. Is there anything else to share?

El Morya: That’s enough for now. You all are doing wonderfully. It’s enough to just get together and share yourselves with each other. That’s part of the connection. Go with my love.

Rob: Thank you!

Archangel Gabrielle on the Need to Focus on the Joy

[After having a particularly trying day, the next day I drew several Sacred Inspiration cards to see who in the Council of Love might have a message for me — the two cards I drew back-to-back were from Archangel Gabrielle, one on Joy and one on the Keys to Heaven.  Well, that settled that!  😄 — Rob]

Rob: Gabrielle, I sense that you would like to talk about the events of yesterday. It was a difficult day for me. Nothing seemed to be going right. I found my way through though. Do you have any insights to share?

Gabrielle: Thank you Rob. Yes, you have discerned correctly. I just wanted to follow up with you as a teaching opportunity. The events yesterday were put on your path as something of a test to give you the opportunity to react with love, trust, forgiveness, unity, compassion, and balance (i.e. the Keys to Heaven — Rob).

On the whole, you did pretty well. We still have issues to work through when you’re behind the wheel of a car. And, as you know, more often than not, the sense of angst you feel when driving is driven by your sense of being late, your sense of TIME. I need not remind you that there is no time. There is only the eternal Now. So when you’re driving, keep the keys to the kingdom of heaven close in your heart. Feel the love for all other drivers. Trust that they are fulfilling their own role on their own path, on their own timeline for the greatest good. Forgive them for what you perceive as inconsiderate behavior, but more importantly, forgive yourself for thinking that their behavior is inconsiderate. They’re just going about their day, same as you. Keep in mind the Unity Consciousness. You’re all one. No one’s out to get you. No one’s behaving that way intentionally to slight you. And, in the end, go through the trying situations from a position of balance.

You were forgetting things in the morning before you left as a result of feeling pressured by time. There is no time, so there is no pressure. You can bend time to your will as you need. So trust that it’ll all work out the way it’s supposed to.

I don’t come to you today, Rob, in any way to chastise you. As you know, we love you dearly. I only come to you to increase your awareness, to encourage you to maintain that place of peace and calm, keeping in mind the keys to the kingdom in all situations. This will be a skill that you will have to rely on to a far greater degree in the very near future.

Things are happening now, Rob, and they’re happening for YOU in your plan as well. You see this. You are fulfilling the role that you came here to perform. We could not be more pleased at your progress.

Throughout all that is coming, I just want you to focus on the Joy. When you’re in a place of joy, the other emotions and beliefs — the keys to the kingdom — are enabled. It’s far more difficult to maintain those attitudes and beliefs and attributes if you’re not in a state of Joy. As others have said previously, joy and love are two sides of the same coin. You can’t have one without the other. Love is the basis for all other feelings and attributes. It’s why it appears in the list first. You know this.

You have our love and our trust.

Rob: Thank you, Gabrielle. I will admit maintaining a sense of joy through the turmoil can be difficult. But I understand at least for where I am now, feeling that sense of joy continuously is a conscious effort, and I will endeavor to be more conscious of this, of my feelings and attitudes, as I walk this path. Thank you for the reminder.

Universal Mother Mary on What Lightworkers Should Be Doing

[This is from July, but it’s still relevant … especially given the seeming craziness of world events.  — Rob]

Rob: I invite in Universal Mother Mary. I feel she has something to say today. Mary, won’t you join me?

UMM: Hello, Rob. Instead of sitting on the bench, why don’t we take a stroll down to the water’s edge?

Rob: Mother, I’ve been seeing many messages lately about what we should be DOING in order to bring about the changes that we wish to see, that it isn’t so much ACTIVE doing. All the work is internal — the breathing exercises, feeling the love, and projecting that. Do you have anything to say about that?

UMM: Yes, Rob, that is the whole message for everyone right now. Stop being anxious about what may or may not happen. There will be a lot of changes coming. It’s started already. Let go of the desire to understand what will be. Stay in your heart. Breathe in the love. Breathe it out to all that you see. That, in itself, is the action that we’re asking you to take on at the moment.

Let those who are charged with making the change do their job, but you, as lightworkers, your job [is to] feel the love, feel the JOY in the love, [and then] project that to ALL others, all that you see, to all of nature, to Gaia, not just to humanity.

And [regarding] Gabrielle’s recent message, the whole notion of duality is a construct of humanity’s own making. You are co-creators of the universe, and this is the reality you’ve created here.

But humanity has identified with one side or the other for too long. You’ve missed the point. There is no separation. There is no duality. It’s all the same. They’re just experiences — two sides of the same coin, as it were. But it’s one coin, meant to offer you experiences of all sides!

Be thankful for the opportunity and feel the joy in that opportunity. At the level of spirit, the learning opportunity in that is tremendous! And that’s all it is. It’s a grand lesson, and you’ve learned those lessons well. So it’s time to let that go and come back to the unity, the oneness.

And it’s not just being one with each other, with humanity. There’s still separation in that thought. You are one with ALL, all of creation, with spirit and humanity, in physicality and not.

You are all doing very well, making tremendous progress, but now is the time to bear down, as it were, to redouble your efforts, your focus, on the love, on the joy, on the grace. We have full faith in you! As I said, you are doing magnificently.

That’s enough for now. Thank you all. I love you.

Rob: Thank you, Mary … Mother.

Transitioning to Nova Gaians with Sanat Kumara

[ I channeled this in July 2022, but it seem pertinent and useful for the events of today.  – Rob ]

Rob: I invite Sanat Kumara to join me in my special place, to sit with me to just talk.

Raj, thank you for joining me. I know you’re rather busy. I don’t have anything in particular to talk about, any burning questions. There’s always the notion of what will happen next on Earth for us to transition to become Nova Gaians and how society will function on Nova Earth.

Sanat Kumara (Raj): Good afternoon, Rob. Thank you for asking me to join you.

I know your morning has been rather chaotic, and it’s hard to concentrate when there’s so much going on. (And the dog is now out there barking). But we shall persevere. This does help make the point, however, that it really doesn’t matter what is going on in your life. You can always connect to spirit, for you ARE spirit. It’s your natural connection to all of us. You actually have stepped down your capacities in order to live this life in physical reality, so connecting with spirit is simply a matter of ignoring what is in the physical and retuning your consciousness, your attention, to what is actually more natural for you — your connection to the spirit world.

It’s actually rather limiting to refer to it as the spirit world, for it’s not a single world. It is the collection of ALL things, ALL of creation. And I know it’s difficult to wrap your head around that, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

And, yes, you have talked recently about the images that are coming from the James Webb Space Telescope. Pretty phenomenal, is it not? Just one image from that telescope shows you the magnitude of what a universe is — the sheer number of galaxies, the number of stars within each one, the number of planets revolving around each of those stars! The scale IS mind-boggling, and yet at the same time, it’s very simple.

There are so many because there are so many of you wishing to create a piece of the universe, as a co-Creator of the universe. All are simply manifestations of the experiences you wish to have in a physical form. Also consider the reality that what this telescope is showing you are the reaches of a single universe, a single reality. But there is a multiverse. There are more than one. Now the scale and the implications become truly mind-boggling!

So what is it that you need to do to transition to being a Nova Gaian? Not much more than you’re already doing … or that you’ve already realized you should do more of. Connect to spirit more often through the breathing exercises as you’ve decided you need to do. Breathe in the love. Feel the joy. Breathe it out to all others. As more and more of you do the same, the transition to a reality anchored in the 5th Dimension will accelerate tremendously.

All you can do, however, is your part. Beam your light to all those around you in all circumstances. Pay attention to what causes you some amount of angst or fear or just uncomfortableness. Decide that is what you do NOT want and refocus the energy on what you DO want. In doing so, that desired eventuality will hasten to be.

It starts with each individual making a choice. You’ve already made the choice. Now it’s just a matter of implementing it and deciding how long you would like to take to get there. Yes, the timeline is based on the collective thoughts, desires. But all you can do is your part. Feel good about that. Be comfortable with that.

You, individually, and you, collectively, are doing magnificently. All is proceeding on the timeline as laid out by the Mother … and the Father. Our love and pride for you is unbounded and unending. Yes, you are our boots-on-the-ground, and we will never forget you and your service. We are supporting you always!

Again, carry on as you are. Folk are slow to awaken, but it will happen. It IS happening!

Rob: Thank you, Raj, for joining me. I should let you get back to running that INCREDIBLY large universe!

Raj: It’s not as complicated as you think, Rob. But thank you. Yes, there are a few galaxies to attend to. 😉 Thank you for inviting me today. I’ve enjoyed our chat. I hope you find it useful. Enjoy your day. Take care.

Rob: Thank you, Raj. Farewell.

Finding Spirit on my Bucket List

For my 60th birthday, my family gifted me a week-long trip to the mountains of Colorado, including several days in the town of my namesake, Loveland.  This is something I’ve talked about for years, so it truly was a “bucket list” trip of a lifetime.  It was such a blessing!

As with most of us, I’ve been extremely busy lately, so I very much needed a vacation, a time to relax and rejuvenate.  However, for me, the process of traveling can be very stressful — there are the crowds, the time pressures, the expense, and any number of unforeseen obstacles.  But, it is precisely these types of challenges which offer the greatest opportunities for spiritual growth!  I jokingly refer to such events as “getting OFF” (of the roller coaster), where “OFF” = Opportunities For Forgiveness!  

What do I have to forgive?  Mostly my own impatience and judgment … when my buttons are pushed by family members’ attitudes, the difficult needs and unrealistic expectations of a two-year old, and large crowds filled with people just as stressed as me.  And, while on such trips, we tend to fill every day with agendas of site-seeing and new experiences, so we leave little, if any, time for meditation and uninterrupted connection with Spirit.  This, then, was the perfect opportunity to practice my on-the-go and out-and-about skills at seeing everyone and everything as expressions of Source, brought to me (by me) for my own soul’s advancement.

While preparing for the trip, I asked my guides for guidance and received via a channeling session that I should constantly remind myself of the love behind the trip.  My daughter planned and made the arrangements for the entire affair, investing so much time and effort, not to mention the considerable financial expense, and my wife and son gladly joined in.  How could I not be touched by their personal and financial sacrifice?! 

With this constantly on my mind and in my heart, Spirit made sure I had plenty of “mini-miracles” to witness.  I had previously asked my star-family to show me evidence of their presence, and I was not disappointed.  On the first full day in Loveland, I saw a glint of light in the afternoon sky (looking west toward the mountains) and as I focused my attention on it, it flashed brightly (as if it was reflecting the setting sun … but the afternoon sun was behind it, so that couldn’t have been it)!  Ask and ye shall receive!

I also witnessed my son-in-law, who has not ever shown himself to be spiritually minded, show several acts of spontaneous thoughtfulness.  He found a phone in a parking lot at a park where we went on a hike, and while dutifully searching for a way to contact the owner, she drove up, frantic that she had lost her phone … and, as karma would have it, she happened to be the kind woman who graciously agreed to take our group photo while on the hike.  And then, to top that, on the final day on the way back to the airport, he delivered our leftover drinks and snack food packages that we had accumulated over the week to a homeless camp a few blocks from the hotel.  I wish I could take credit for suggesting either act of kindness, but I did nothing but witness love in action!

Of course, everyday was filled with witnessing the beauty of Gaia’s handiwork.  One cannot help but be filled with awe when looking at the stunning beauty of the majestic Rocky Mountains or the vast expanse of the plains from the Front Range.  And I was continually amazed that the sky is such a deeper blue at that elevation.  Being a sailor, I am a particular fan of open expanses of water, but I have to admit that the mountains are a close second!

As I said at the beginning, I am truly blessed, and even more so now that I’m home and have such a beautiful memory!  Loveland really is a place dedicated to Love — it’s their marketing theme — and it did not disappoint!

I wish you all the same love of family, love of nature, and love of life … wherever you may find it!

 — Rob Loveland


Conversations with the Company of Heaven – Part 8

Archangel Uriel (Lemuria and the Coming Changes)

[I am just learning to channel. As part of my learning practice, I chose to have conversations with particular members of the Company of Heaven. What follows are excerpts from these conversations with the portions which pertain only to removed. What remains are messages I believe are useful to all. Enjoy! — Rob

Conversation with Archangel Uriel, May 2022

Rob: I have a specific question about the nature of life on Lemuria. Was that, in fact, a civilization anchored in the fifth dimension, with the population far less anchored in physicality? What was it like living in a 5D, more spiritual, less physical, world?

AA Uriel: This is a difficult task! You are correct. You have lived all these things that you are asking about from all of your guides. So, all the knowledge is within you. You are one. But I will try to resurrect memories that you would not otherwise have recalled.

You’ve asked about Lemuria. It was a beautiful place. Life was serene, very simple. People did not want for much. The fall of Lemuria — we can call it a fall — was not all that dramatic. It was really a gradual transition to far more physical concerns. And at the time, Atlantis was rising. Fears started to creep in and gradually took over — the threat of invasion. There were some elements in Atlantis that were bent on creating Empire — Imperialistic.

And, yes, there were still extant on Lemuria animals that are now considered extinct. But the peoples of Lemuria lived in harmony so it wasn’t seen as a threat. Yes, there were dinosaurs — or what actually existed on the continent were the later forms that already transitioned to more mammal, but they were large beasts. And there were still some that could be a threat to physical humans. But, by and large, they lived in their world, humans lived in their own.

There were jungles; there were rolling hills of green. And, yes, the Lemurian people were seafarers, sailing on very large vessels, sailing vessels — canoe type. The movie, Moana, does a pretty good job of envisioning what they looked like. They were capable of carrying a dozen, two dozen, people safely and comfortably for long ocean voyages. Understand that people could travel all over the world without such vessels, etherically, but they chose the simple life. You understand the concept. You can travel on boats much faster than your sailboat, but you choose to sail. There is a thrill at being powered by the wind, by nature. They felt the same thrill.

Again, they lived far more in harmony with nature. They participated in daily spiritual practices, wearing crystals on necklaces, dangling above their High Heart.

And they had a great reverence for the sun, but that was because of the sun’s interaction with the crystals — to activate them, to create a field of energy that was greatly beneficial for their spiritual practices. You know full well that the ancients didn’t worship the sun, per se, but they recognized the sun was the life giving force — not just physical life, but spiritual as well. The sun does have consciousness, and they venerated that the sun’s service to life on Earth was as a giver of life, a sustainer of life.

So the life [i.e. the organized civilization] on Lemuria lasted 100,000 years. And while the people were far less physical than they are now, they chose to live within the physical world in harmony with nature.

It was a great learning experience for many, but as often happens on this planet, negative forces crept in. But now, with this Ascension to be anchored in fifth dimensional consciousness, you will return to that type of living. It may take quite a while yet for that reality to spread across the entire globe. But the promise of the future is that the way of life on Lemuria will eventually expand to the entire planet of Earth. What you think of as negative influences will not entirely disappear, but people will know how to deal with them constructively. There’s nothing wrong with the negative emotions. Allow them. Release them. Don’t attached to them. This you know.

Rob: Thank you, Uriel. Do you have any advice for us in the coming changes, the revelations that are now coming out on a regular basis … regarding our service to humanity?

AA Uriel: Yes, you’re doing wonderfully. In recent months you have achieved great clarity on how you must behave as the revelations come out. We are thrilled that we have chosen wisely in having you participate in form during this transition. You understand that the negative revelations … sorry, that the revelations of negative history and activity that has happened on this planet for eons … [are] necessary to be revealed, and you are learning every day how to watch those events dispassionately.

You’re staying out of the emotional fray, and you understand much of the activity that you see is a play, put on by actors who have an agenda. Some is positive, some is not. But you are doing well to stay out of it and allowing the events to unfold as they will. Carry on with that approach. That will serve you well. It will serve humanity well.

But in the days to come when the most serious revelations come, and they start coming faster and faster, and the speed at which they arrive feels overwhelming, causing confusion about what you should do next because there’s so much to focus on, call on us. We will soothe your mind. We will give you the clarity of what’s most important to focus on.

We have supreme confidence in your abilities. You’ve already proven that. Carry on, knowing your entire team of guides are all here to support you. Know that and carry on each day with that firm belief. You’ll be fine.

I hope what I’ve offered you today is some help towards the questions in your mind. Take care. With all our love, bye for now.

Rob: Thank you, Uriel. I am more than satisfied. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.