Finding Spirit on my Bucket List

For my 60th birthday, my family gifted me a week-long trip to the mountains of Colorado, including several days in the town of my namesake, Loveland.  This is something I’ve talked about for years, so it truly was a “bucket list” trip of a lifetime.  It was such a blessing!

As with most of us, I’ve been extremely busy lately, so I very much needed a vacation, a time to relax and rejuvenate.  However, for me, the process of traveling can be very stressful — there are the crowds, the time pressures, the expense, and any number of unforeseen obstacles.  But, it is precisely these types of challenges which offer the greatest opportunities for spiritual growth!  I jokingly refer to such events as “getting OFF” (of the roller coaster), where “OFF” = Opportunities For Forgiveness!  

What do I have to forgive?  Mostly my own impatience and judgment … when my buttons are pushed by family members’ attitudes, the difficult needs and unrealistic expectations of a two-year old, and large crowds filled with people just as stressed as me.  And, while on such trips, we tend to fill every day with agendas of site-seeing and new experiences, so we leave little, if any, time for meditation and uninterrupted connection with Spirit.  This, then, was the perfect opportunity to practice my on-the-go and out-and-about skills at seeing everyone and everything as expressions of Source, brought to me (by me) for my own soul’s advancement.

While preparing for the trip, I asked my guides for guidance and received via a channeling session that I should constantly remind myself of the love behind the trip.  My daughter planned and made the arrangements for the entire affair, investing so much time and effort, not to mention the considerable financial expense, and my wife and son gladly joined in.  How could I not be touched by their personal and financial sacrifice?! 

With this constantly on my mind and in my heart, Spirit made sure I had plenty of “mini-miracles” to witness.  I had previously asked my star-family to show me evidence of their presence, and I was not disappointed.  On the first full day in Loveland, I saw a glint of light in the afternoon sky (looking west toward the mountains) and as I focused my attention on it, it flashed brightly (as if it was reflecting the setting sun … but the afternoon sun was behind it, so that couldn’t have been it)!  Ask and ye shall receive!

I also witnessed my son-in-law, who has not ever shown himself to be spiritually minded, show several acts of spontaneous thoughtfulness.  He found a phone in a parking lot at a park where we went on a hike, and while dutifully searching for a way to contact the owner, she drove up, frantic that she had lost her phone … and, as karma would have it, she happened to be the kind woman who graciously agreed to take our group photo while on the hike.  And then, to top that, on the final day on the way back to the airport, he delivered our leftover drinks and snack food packages that we had accumulated over the week to a homeless camp a few blocks from the hotel.  I wish I could take credit for suggesting either act of kindness, but I did nothing but witness love in action!

Of course, everyday was filled with witnessing the beauty of Gaia’s handiwork.  One cannot help but be filled with awe when looking at the stunning beauty of the majestic Rocky Mountains or the vast expanse of the plains from the Front Range.  And I was continually amazed that the sky is such a deeper blue at that elevation.  Being a sailor, I am a particular fan of open expanses of water, but I have to admit that the mountains are a close second!

As I said at the beginning, I am truly blessed, and even more so now that I’m home and have such a beautiful memory!  Loveland really is a place dedicated to Love — it’s their marketing theme — and it did not disappoint!

I wish you all the same love of family, love of nature, and love of life … wherever you may find it!

 — Rob Loveland


Being a Lighthouse

A message for Lightworkers

Many lightworkers find themselves at a crossroad, struggling with what they should be doing in these times of increasing turmoil.  I was in that same boat … for many years.  We prepare by honing our spiritual skills, all the while hoping for clarity regarding when they will be needed.  Some may, in fact, hear a clear calling to take a particular action, and to them I say, godspeed!

However, for most of the rest of us, we carry on, operating on faith and trust that the clarity will come, while feeling some amount of uneasiness that we aren’t doing enough.  Our intention (and, in fact, primary purpose) is to be of service to others, but we just don’t know what form that should take.

For me, that clarity is starting to come.  I have learned in this past year that we are actually doing far more than we think, just by being here holding the light and love for others, even when it appears that we are doing nothing.  Even during this time of ascension to a higher state of being, when so many are looking for guidance and help, the only thing we can offer is to help point the way.  We can never do the work for another.  As Sanat Kumara says, that would be highway robbery — none of us wants to rob another of their opportunity to learn and grow.  At the end of the day, the journey of ascension must be travelled by each soul individually … and yet we are doing it collectively.

But, what lightworkers CAN do is to act as a lighthouse in a storm.  And, surely, you would agree that it feels like a storm blowing out there right now!  The lighthouse is the perfect metaphor.  After all, it’s sole function is to beam its light as a guide for others.

As I thought more about what that means, I realized that the essence of a lighthouse is that it never engages in the storm; it just lets the storm blow around it, secure in the knowledge that it derives the fuel for its light from its own protected core.  Those who need the light for guidance will find it.

Having adopted the lighthouse as the primary symbol of my service, I’ve spent a fair amount of time contemplating what that means.   Recently, I’ve come to another realization about the nature of a lighthouse … and, thus, the nature of a lightworker’s service.  And that is that the lighthouse doesn’t run up and down the shore looking for boats in need.  It’s anchored where it is and offers its light to those who come within sight.

The message to lightworkers is clear.  Anchor yourself in a place of prominence and then fill that space with love and light.  Those who seek the way forward will be drawn to you and learn from your example, whether you intend to teach or not.

At that point, you will have the clear guidance to proclaim, “Come this way to find your place of peace, where you will also find your place among the company of heaven!”